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Accessing legal and financial services will be crucial for businesses in the wake of COVID. 

The Economic Impact

Since the beginning of March, the fear associated with the COVID-19 virus has been seen globally. Within the last six months oil prices, exports, business investments, tourism, services, and household spending have all felt the impact of COVID-19. The decisions made to keep us safe were, by all means, necessary, but what impact will it have on our economy? 

As the government implemented processes and protocols, it has had a profound effect on Canadian residents. An increasing number of Canadian households are dealing with overwhelmed financial service entities and public benefits systems. Businesses are having to pivot and make major changes to the way that they deliver their products and services in a very short period of time. In turn, employees are losing income and having to consolidate debt. This has resulted in an increased demand for financial services and legal counsel as many households are re-evaluating their situations and making tough personal decisions.

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Finding a Competitive Advantage

Businesses operating in financial or legal services have the opportunity to become a beacon of hope for individuals and business owners who may be forced to make life-changing decisions. Given the increased demand for these services and the change in consumer’s media consumption habits, businesses that are able to communicate and or provide their services online will have a significant competitive advantage.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

–Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill

We Can Help

Harvard Media is here to provide digital marketing solutions and work with business leaders who recognize a need to shift the methodology in which they communicate with existing and prospective clients. Our digital services can go beyond your imagination to create a strategy that will see results. From something as simple as providing marketing guidance to a full brand advertising campaign, we are passionate about helping the small businesses that drive our local economy.

Being a group of young, talented creatives, we would love to get involved with helping you form your vision and bring it to life in the digital space. During these difficult times, it is important to be proactive to see sustainable success when the storm is over. 

For more information on how we can help you get started, drop us an email at hello@harvardmedia.com

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