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One part traditional values mixed with a sprinkle of new age technology. That’s the Sweet Spot of modern marketing.


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At the cornerstone of design and vision, we aim to break conventional moulds and make meaningful connections to audiences in the real and digital world. 

One part traditional values mixed with a sprinkle of new age technology. That’s the Sweet Spot of modern marketing.


Digital Platforms


Radio Stations


of impressions

Harvard Media is a local leader in radio & digital advertising.

We can help you achieve your goals using strategic marketing approaches that can complement your business online and on the air. 

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We take pride in helping you understand the world of marketing, everything from digital and radio to social media and video… And a whole bunch more. Just take a look.

Digital Advertising Mediums

Discover the most important digital advertising mediums, all at your fingertips.The Digital World Delving into the world of digital advertising can be exciting, enthralling and yes sometimes even overwhelming. Understanding the various types of digital advertising...

iOS 14.5 Update – What Does It All Mean?

APPLE IOS 14.5 UPDATE Marketing Campaign Magic So you’re a small business and you want to garner attention towards your business. A new marketing campaign is a great way to attract attention, increase awareness, and drive results. There are a few key factors that play...

Why You Should Pair Radio and Digital

A Dynamic Duo Brands today are using a number of mediums in their marketing mix to produce effective and results-driven marketing campaigns. We have seen a steady increase in online presence, but that is not to say we are always online. Traditional marketing combined...

Instagram Insights Increase in Data Availability

Instagram recently announced that they have increased the insight range from 30 to 60 days as well as added a calendar tool.  In an effort to make account performance data more accessible, Instagram is now doubling its “insights” or data tracking reports to 60 days...

How To Create Google Posts on Google My Business

Google My Business is an excellent way to improve your Local SEO. Read about GMB here if you’re unfamiliar. Local SEO is another way for people to find your site, products, or services with a higher intent because they’re actually in your area – hence “local”. GMB has...

Refocus Your Happiness and Improve Your Mindset

As we continue to move towards a new normal, we provide helpful tips to refocus your happiness and improve your mindset.Refocus Your Happiness Can you believe that the world is returning back to “normal”?! We can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s...

Digital Marketing Term Glossary

In marketing, so many different terms are used every day to describe the job that is being done. With an industry that continues to evolve, it’s a challenge to keep up with it all. What do these terms actually mean? To help give you an idea and understanding, we have...

Instagram 101- Back To The Basics

We get into all of the Instagram 101 basics, let's go! Instagram 101 Instagram is a leading social media platform that can help benefit both users and businesses. With over 1 billion global active users monthly and 500 million global active users daily, Instagram is a...

Understanding Marketing Through Different Platforms

We take a look at various marketing platforms and how to best optimize your strategy. Podcasts, social media channels, blogs. Check, check and check!  Every Platform Has A Benefit In marketing, there are so many moving parts to provide your businesses with success. It...

Safer Spaces In The Workplace

With the Queen City Pride Festival just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to highlight the importance of safer spaces for businesses and communities. You may ask, what is a safer space and what is the importance? You’re in the right place.👇What Are Safer Spaces?...
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