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As we continue to move towards a new normal, we provide helpful tips to refocus your happiness and improve your mindset.

Refocus Your Happiness

Can you believe that the world is returning back to “normal”?! We can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s fast approaching. With that in mind, it’s still important to stay cautiously optimistic and positive about the present and future. To help get you through the end of this global pandemic, and just to establish a healthy mindset, we have created a list of easy and effective ways to refocus your happiness. 

Limit Your Digital Intake 

Since businesses are opening up and we can now meet with friends and family safely, try lowering your digital intake and be in the moment. Yes, this includes Netflix… Catch up on missed time with your loved ones, get some fresh air, and enjoy the summer! 

Tip: Try setting designated times for digital use and enjoy the rest of your day doing what is important to you!

Continue To Support Local 

Everyone has done an incredible job with the #supportlocal movement and with everything opening up, let’s keep the momentum going! Shop local whenever it is possible, stop in for a quick bite to eat at your favourite restaurant, and do what you can to support your local or Canadian economy. 

Tip: Try making small purchases or adjustments to start off so you don’t overwhelm yourself!

Create Affirmations

Create positive statements to help challenge you and stop the self-sabotage. You’re worth it, you just need to believe it! Say them, repeat them, believe them, and start to make positive changes. Here, we’ll start… my life is just beginning, so let the fears of today just melt away. Tip: Try making these statements in the morning to help get you ready for your day and write them down somewhere they will not be forgotten!   


Cherish Time With Your Loved Ones

After being away from everyone important in our lives for so long, cherish every moment you get to spend with them. Don’t take a single second for granted and live in the moment. The pandemic taught that life can change in a matter of seconds so make sure everyone you love knows how much you value them. 🥰

Tip: Even if you can still not see everyone in person, send them a message to say you’re thinking about them!    

Stick To Your Routine

We have all worked so hard to get into a routine over the pandemic, so why throw it out the window now? Routines help us keep our world “normal” and help to re-centre our focus, so stick to what you’re doing because it is working and paying off!  Tip: Don’t stop living your life because of a routine, just make minor changes to accommodate your life outside of quarantine. 


Continue Growing Your Knowledge      

Continue to stay on top of news locally, nationally, and globally. If the news is not your thing, set a goal of learning one new small thing every day! It can be as simple as a new word, to a new recipe, or take the time to learn a completely new skill and practice it until you’re basically an expert.   

Tip: Take a free course (Coursera is a great option), enroll in a local course, or simply read whatever interests you.

Plan An Adventure

Let’s be real, we all need a mini adventure or trip after spending over a year in and out of lockdown. Take some time and plan a little trip away to give yourself the getaway you deserve! Experience a new location you’ve never been before or reminisce with a visit to a familiar place you haven’t been able to visit in the last year. It can be as simple as a weekend camping trip or a coastal trip with friends or family.

Tip: While planning, be aware of restrictions in other cities or countries before travelling!

With all of the continuous changes that have taken place, try to remember to focus on yourself and what brings you joy! Lighten your load and ask for help, plan a getaway, rediscover yourself, and find your happiness. Do what you love and love what you do! Our team at Harvard Media is cheering you on.  


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