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Instagram is ditching its “swipe-up” feature and replacing it with a new sticker.

Swipe Up 👆

Instagram is replacing its “swipe-up” feature on stories for a link sticker. The “swipe-up” feature has allowed high-profile creators and businesses to direct viewers to the website of their choice to learn about products, blogs, new websites, sign up for services, or really anything else through a URL. Those who have access to enable the “swipe-up” feature on stories are creators who have 10K+ followers on their Instagram account. Anyone who doesn’t make the cut-off mark, even by one follower, has to direct users to the link in their bio. 

new instagram link share screenshots

How will this new sticker change how users interact with stories? 

This new sticker was launched in June to only a handful of users under a testing phase, to ensure the change would have value. Unlike the “swipe-up”, the sticker brings advantages to all creators in a couple of key ways: 

  • Like all of the other sticker features available on Instagram, the link sticker can be resized and placed anywhere on a story for maximum engagement. 
  • Users can also now react and comment on the stories to help creators see engagement and the impact of their stories.

This new announcement was first noticed by Jane Manchun Wong, an app researcher. In her original Tweet, she warns those creators that currently have access to “swipe-up” to prepare for the shutdown and switch over. 

Jane Manchun Wong Tweet

Will every user gain access to the new sticker? 

Unfortunately, right now only select users and businesses that currently have the ability to use the “swipe-up” features will have access to the link sticker. Whether or not anyone will be able to access it eventually will be a waiting game, as Instagram must make this decision carefully so it does not impact the safety and integrity of the app. The worry is that some users may spread misinformation or post spam links, which is not in the best interest of Instagram or its users. Once this initial shift on August 30 is made, it will give Instagram an idea of how they would like to proceed with its other users. 

We wish everyone could have access, but for now, we will wait and keep you up to date on any new Instagram changes! 

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