Apple iOS 14.5 Update

What Does It Mean?

How Does It Affect You?
How Does It Affect Facebook Ads?

Everything you need to know about Apple’s new privacy software update. 

Have you been hearing all of the chatter (both positive and negative) about Apple’s new iOS 14.5 update? We understand how all of this new information can be a bit much to take in, so we are here to break it down for you. 

After months of build-up, Apple released its new iOS update on May 3, 2021, which has brought mixed reviews on the new privacy feature. This feature uses App Tracking Transparency (ATT) which now prompts users to decide if they would like their data to be collected when downloading a new app. The ATT will allow consumers ultimate privacy and control over the advertisements they see on their mobile devices and the internet. 

Apple says, “App Tracking Transparency lets you control which apps are allowed to track your activity across other companies’ apps and websites for ads or sharing with data brokers.”

From now on when Apple users download an app they will be prompted to select if they would like the app to track or not. App developers are given the opportunity to explain why they would like users to accept app tracking on the prompt as long as it is fully transparent and follows App Store Review Guidelines. So what happens if you allow tracking or not?

If You Allow Tracking

Here’s what Apple says: if you allow tracking, targeted advertisements on both apps and websites are allowed; device location data and email lists can be shared with data brokers; and sharing a list of emails, advertising, and other IDs with third-party advertising networks is allowed.

If You Do Not Allow Tracking

If you do not allow tracking, app-linked third-party data on the user’s device cannot be used to identify the user or device; data brokers who have access to the shared data can use it for fraud detection, fraud prevention, security purposes, or to check creditworthiness.

ios14.5 update

Users who currently have the update but have not yet seen the prompt are encouraged to check their settings to see if app tracking was previously turned on before the iOS 14.5 update.

To check this setting go to Settings > Privacy > Tracking. 

allow tracking - apple

After changing your setting and the prompts are still not appearing, be patient as some app developers are still working on changing their privacy regulations – this will take some time. If a user accepts tracking through the new prompt but changes their mind, the app will appear in the privacy setting and can be turned off.

How does this update affect advertising on Facebook?

Simply speaking, advertisers use browsing data across multiple platforms to target consumers who may be interested in a product or service; this allows advertisers to promote their products in front of people who may already be interested in similar products or services. 

For example, someone who may be expecting a baby may have visited websites for baby strollers, blogs about pregnancy, and budgeting for a baby – that will all be part of their browsing history (by accepting cookies upon arrival at the site). That person could also be targeted by businesses on Facebook that may be promoting car seats, baby clothes, or baby books because the person’s anonymous browsing history shows they may fall into the category of “new parent” or “expectant parent”. 

As a business advertising on Facebook, targeting people who may be interested in your product or service is essential to successfully run a campaign. Open targeting is great for branding or impressions, but the clickthrough rate will be low because we’re not targeting people who would actually be interested. So if you are selling a product or service, you will want people to be clicking on your ad to follow through with that sale.

With the new changes to iOS 14.5, targeting will be limited as users opt in or out of tracking on their Apple devices. When it comes to campaign reports from Facebook, metrics will no longer be real-time and can take up to three days. Delivery and action breakdowns are also no longer supported – this includes age, gender, region, and placement. Active ad campaigns are also now set as a seven-day click attribution window. As more users opt out of tracking the size of app connections and audiences may decrease. 

 The new advertising changes are slowly coming into effect but have not fully launched yet, so the opt-out numbers are still unknown. If you are running your own ads, be sure to monitor your data over the next few weeks to understand the update impact. Our team has been monitoring and adapting campaigns for these changes. For more information on how the new iOS 14.5 update affects advertising checkout Facebook Business


In a nutshell, this is all of the information regarding privacy with Apple’s iOS 14.5 update. Stay tuned for more iOS 14.5 information as it comes out!