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New Instagram Feature - Story Likes

Instagram’s recent engagement tool update allows users to ‘like’ a story. 

Looking for a new way to spice up your engagement? Instagram is at it again with its new addition to stories by allowing users to ‘like’ a story without directly messaging them. Yes, it is called a ‘like’ but since it is a heart icon why not consider it love? ❤️

What’s So Special About It?

The like is Instagram’s newest way to keep users engaging when they like or love someone’s story content but don’t want to have a direct message conversation. It is similar to a photo, reel or video like and is the same icon, so it’s just expanding on an already familiar system. When a user ‘likes’ your story, it is only visible to the creator. It’s only visible when you look at your viewer section and is not seen by the public or your followers. These ‘likes’ are not seen through a direct message to help control the potential inflex of direct messages. 

    How Do You Activate The New Feature?

    Luckily, Instagram is on top of its game, so it is available to all users who have recently updated their Instagram app. You may have seen this already but were unsure of what it is, well now you know!

    For those who have yet to hear about it, follow the steps below on how to ‘like’ a story and view your ‘likes’. 

    Phones with instagram stories
    phone with instagram story insights

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