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Harvard Media is currently searching for a creative person to join the team!

We need a graphic designer that is proficient in Microsoft Paint, Windows Movie Maker, Outlook, Internet Explorer and Kazaa file sharing.

Just kidding.

We need you to be a wiz with the Adobe Suite of products. Primarily Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

More important than how amazing of an artist you are, we need you to hold the following personality traits:

  • Nicest person ever
  • Loves working within a team environment
  • Has the ability to make something from nothing
  • Can meet tight deadlines
  • Will stay composed and focused when given “rush jobs”
  • Willing to learn new things
  • Is NOT afraid of taking risks and trying new things
  • Is able to take creative criticism
  • Is able to give creative criticism without starting a fight… Unless that fight is a food fight.
  • Enjoys hilarious Gifs

We also ask that you follow the Harvard Employee Code:

  • I will run, climb or jump
  • I will not sit, kneel or lie down
  • I will not cover any sensors
  • I will not use offensive language
  • I will not make physical contact with other players
  • I will play smart, play fair and play to survive!

We stole that from Lazer Quest.

Post secondary education is cool. Experience is WAY cool.

Please note that a certain level of “hipster” will be accepted in our workplace, however, your hipsterness must never interfere with your daily duties. You can never be too cool for anything we’re working on.

Come work with us, you’ll be glad you did.

To apply for this job email your details to adam@harvardmedia.com.