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Instagram recently announced that they have increased the insight range from 30 to 60 days as well as added a calendar tool. 

In an effort to make account performance data more accessible, Instagram is now doubling its “insights” or data tracking reports to 60 days from the previous 30. The extension will help boost the ability to measure results over a longer period of time without having to use a third party.

Along with the timeline extension on insight capability, Instagram has now added a calendar tool that will allow users to access data from any dates in the 60-day range. Insights will allow users to see the following: 

      • Reach 
      • Interactions 
      • Follows
      • Posts, Stories, Reels, IGTV, Live & Promotions that were posed in the date range selected. 

Along with your own date selection, Instagram has also kept the pre-existing date range, which can be selected from the top of the screen. 

 In a Tweet from Instagram VP of Product, Vishal Shah mentioned “We’re doubling the timeframe to 60 days for now (it’ll be 90 later this summer). We’ll keep making updates based on feedback and share more when we can.”

    Shah Instagram Tweet

    Once the 90-day update is released views will be able to analyze more data at once which can help with the previous month’s comparisons and evaluations of your account goals & objectives. 

    As of right now, Facebook’s Creator Studio still provides access to both Instagram and Facebook analytics but only provides a limit of 30 days. As more changes start rolling out, the hope is that Creator’s Studio will also be updated to provide more accurate and reliable data from Facebook’s servers rather than using third parties.

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      The more data the better, especially from Instagram, as it comes in handy to better understand and work on your account. The 60-day insights and calendar tools are now in effect for all users, be sure to check that the app is updated and check your analytics. 

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