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Google My Business is an excellent way to improve your Local SEO. Read about GMB here if you’re unfamiliar. Local SEO is another way for people to find your site, products, or services with a higher intent because they’re actually in your area – hence “local”.

GMB has an assortment of free tools for businesses to use in order to get more traffic to their site and foot traffic to their physical locations. One of the easiest is Google Posts.

GMB has a variety of post types: Offer, Update, Event, or Product. These posts help give your potential customers accurate and useful information about your business.

All the post options have different requirements in order to post. Details, a call-to-action button, and a high-quality photo or video are recommended for each post. 

    What’s New Post

    This is the most generic post on GMB. It’s easy and simple for general messaging about what’s happening around the business.

    This post option requires you to add a photo and details. Always use a high-quality photo or video to complement the post and attract attention. 

      GMB Create Post
      GMB Upload Image

      When choosing an image, opt for something clean and simple with little to no text. The image can be cropped, but the photo may not show properly if you adjust the ratio. It’s easy to drag and drop a photo into the upload area, or just choose from albums on your listing. 

        Button – we always recommend adding a link to direct traffic to your website. The options include: Book, Order Online, Buy, Learn More, Sign Up, or Call Now. All of these options should link to a page on your website that makes the most sense according to the content of the post. The Call Now button is the only button that does not allow you to choose a link – it will use the phone number on your GMB as the call to action.

          GMB Call To Action

          Offer Post

          An offer is an opportunity to give potential customers a discount or inform them of a sale on a specific item/service.

          This post option requires you to add a photo, offer title, and date range. Use a high-quality photo and informative title to keep the post clean.

          It’s optional but recommended to add more details about the sale to give potential customers more insight into what you’re offering.

            GMB Create Offer
            GMB Offer Details

            Add a coupon code – this will give legitimacy to the post and help with internal discount tracking but not necessary.

            Link to redeem – we always recommend directing traffic to your website. In most cases, it’s best to get the customers interested in the product/service.

            Terms and conditions are not necessary but helpful if there are limitations.

            Event Post

            An event post is a great way to get more eyes on an upcoming event. It’s very similar to the Offer Post.

            This post option requires you to add a photo, event title, date, and time. Similar to an offer, always use a high-quality photo and informative title.

            It’s optional but recommended to add more details about the event to give potential customers more insight into what to expect.

              GMB Event

              The final post type is Product. This is a unique Google Post type because it lives in a different section of your Google listing and allows you to highlight your products in a visual format. While considered a post, the Product Post is actually better utilized for creating informational content rather than timely content like in the other Posts. 

              Products allow you to categorize the product, show a price or price range, and link to your site with more information and encourage people to buy.

                What It Looks Like

                Posts show up on Google Search Results Page in your listing and Google Maps. It currently lives closer to the bottom of your listing under Questions and Reviews.

                You can scroll through posts or click on the Google Post to open up the full version of as well as a history of all your posts.

                  GMB Example Post

                  Preview & Publish

                  Once you compile your image, message, and link, it’s time to preview it! This step isn’t necessary, but it’s a great way to see how it will look all together. Once you’re happy with it, publish! Congrats! You’ve just published a Google Post!

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