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We took a look at last year’s trends and pulled a few of the social media predictions for 2023, so you can amp up your digital pages. Let 2023 be the year for creativity, originality, and storytelling!


More Originality

2022 was focused on keeping up with current trends on Instagram and TikTok, but this year we’re in for a change. In 2023, the content will focus less on “copying and pasting” and shift toward original content that uses trending audio. 

We all know videos were the focus last year as they were a way for creators to become storytellers, even if that meant using multiple platforms to make edits and cuts to a clip. To shake up the copycat style content, it is predicted that creators will put their own spin on “trends” while focusing on the audio attached.

Keep it simple: Less copy-and-paste style trends and more original content focusing on trending audio.


YouTube Shorts

On average, YouTube Shorts generate an average of 30 billion views per day, which is A LOT of viewers. In 2023, it’s predicted that YouTube Shorts will help creators drive viewers to watch their long-form content on their main pages. Shorts will also become the place for go-to creators once again. 

Keep it simple: YouTube Shorts will take off and help creators drive views to their long-form content.


AI Is Here To Stay

Artificial intelligence (AI) is officially here to stay, as it saw a large rise across all social media platforms in 2023. These forms of content involve interactive typing on TikTok to change the user’s background, change a photo, etc.

AI has also impacted copy, with Chat GPT and Jasper.ai being popular sites for creators to draft and write captions, copy, and even provide ideas. Although AI is not original or thoughtful, it is definitely here to stay to help brands keep up with their creativity. 

Keep it simple: AI is becoming mainstream to help creators generate videos, photos, and written content. 


One Word: LinkedIn

Yes, Google is still a powerhouse for all things SEO and keywords, but Genz Z are shifting their focus to social media platforms for this.

To help your content become noticed on social media, it is best to incorporate and focus on keywords. Users are looking to social media to learn about experiences, reviews, storytelling, and more. To help search topics related to your content, generate a list of important keywords to incorporate this year.

Keep it simple: Google is still in, but social media platforms are taking off for younger generations to find reviews, experiences, and more. Be sure to focus on your keywords and SEO on social media this year.

SEO & Keywords

LinkedIn is a great place for organic content, where creators use personality in their posts to stand out in the crowd. This helps them to show off their expertise in their fields and gain attraction organically. If this platform wasn’t on your radar before, it should be now!

Keep it simple: LinkedIn may be an overlooked platform for some, but on the rise for original content.


Instagram’s Focus On Creators

Even with the rumours that Instagram is “cancelled,” it is far from that, so be sure to continue incorporating it into your 2023 plans. Although there have been many complaints with some of the app’s functions, they really pushed for creator features in 2022 and we can bet that will continue into 2023. Be sure to stay on top of their latest updates to help your page stay on trend!


Keep it simple: Instagram is not “cancelled,” and we can bet that they’ll continue to focus on creator-focused features.


Incorporating just a few of these into your 2023 social strategy will help your page grow and keep up with the market. Let us know if you tried these, if you have any questions, or if you need a hand with your social media strategy!

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