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Implementing video into your marketing strategy will help you to attract and attain customers in 2020 and beyond. With a number of avenues to take, we help you decide which type of video marketing content will work best for your business.

Why Video?

It’s no secret that video marketing is the way of the future. Cisco projects that global internet traffic from videos will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2021. Video marketing allows you to capture your customer’s attention and deliver your message in a quick and entertaining manner and research shows- it’s definitely working. According to Smart Insights, people will spend 100 minutes a day watching online videos in 2021. This is a 19% increase from 84 minutes per day in 2019.

Today, we spend so much time consuming information and content online. Consumers want to digest content that is not only interesting and entertaining, but that takes little thought on their end. When scrolling through a Facebook timeline a consumer is a lot more likely to stick around for a fun and informative video that begins to roll as opposed to a static graphic with a simple statistic. The same is to be said with consumers researching products and services online. A quick informational video will often deliver answers to a consumer’s questions in under a minute. This is just a fraction of the time that it may have taken them to research and read a number of article outlets.

The outstanding analytics on platforms like Facebook & Instagram contributed to 93% of businesses reporting that they acquired a new customer on social media in 2018 thanks to video. The best part about video marketing is that we can get it in front of your consumers regardless of the platform! This is possible via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, or a combination of all of these.  Your video will be easily shareable across multiple platforms, helping you reach your consumers- wherever they are. 

Don’t Get Left Behind

Businesses that have already implemented video marketing into their digital strategy aren’t planning on stopping anytime soon. A Wyzowl State of Video Marketing Survey 2020 unearthed some interesting video marketing statistics. Research shows that not only 99% of current businesses using video will continue to do so in 2020, but additionally that 95% also plan to increase their spending. Furthermore, 59% of businesses that aren’t currently using video marketing, plan to start in 2020. Thus, indicating that this is the perfect time to capitalize on video that will help transform your online presence.

Which Type of Video Best Suits My Campaign? 

When thinking about which type of videos you want to create for your business, think about the main message that you want to convey to your customers. Branding, testimonials, community, product, and informational videos are just the tip of the iceberg for what’s possible during your next video marketing campaign. 


These types of videos help provide your audience with a message about your vision, company direction, value proposition, culture, or anything else about your brand that is unique and therefore important to highlight. These types of videos often pull on emotional appeals to connect and resonate with your audience in just under 60 seconds. 


According to Big Commerce, 88% of consumers trust online testimonials and reviews as much as recommendations from friends or family. Testimonials, whether it be in the form of an interview or candid moment with loyal customers can attest to the real-world benefits and solutions of using your products or services. Your loyal customer can explain their problem and how you solved it while contributing additional antidotes such as “informative staff” or “competitive pricing” that further indicate why they would continue to use your product or service in the future. Testimonials also aid in humanizing your brand and can be edited later into micro-content and redistributed for future use on multiple social media platforms to get the most value out of your testimonial.

Informational or Educational

Informational or educational videos allow you to explain some of the inner workings of your business model. Customers may be seeking you out to get a better understanding of topics that they may not be as knowledgeable or familiar with. This will give them more clarity about specific facets of your brand and how you operate to provide effective solutions to the masses.  A great example of this is an informational Harvard Media video that our videography team put together to help clients understand how SEM and digital advertising works. Thus, allowing them to make an informed decision on what they’ll receive when they choose to work with us.

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Product Reviews

Product reviews and demo videos can be created for the purpose of providing your customer with new and exciting information about the latest versions and how to properly utilize a product.  It’s also a great way to release products for feedback, development, and even promote bestsellers that have already been tested. According to Google, nearly ⅔ of shoppers say online videos have given them ideas and inspiration for their purchase, reinforcing the notion that video converts.


Companies establish a good reputation, attract positive attention, save money through operational efficiency, and attract top talent when they choose to promote with a community ethos. A great example of this is best illustrated by the Capital Auto Group’s yearly Pick 6 contest where they partner with the Saskatchewan Roughriders to give away a free vehicle towards the end of the regular season, or in the playoffs, season permitting. This solidifies the Capital Auto Groups’ dedication to Rider Nation and creates a strong sense of community in Saskatchewan. Harvard Media handles all the promotional pieces of the contest- down to the final cut of the video.

The Video Way

It’s strikingly evident that video is one of the most important forms of advertising in 2020. Consumers continue to crave a deeper connection to a brand when making purchase decisions and video is one of the best ways to convey that information to tell an impactful and relevant story. Beyond product and profit through video marketing, you can show customers the positive practices that make your brand unique- not only ensuring that they’ll stick around but they’ll become loyal customers and brand advocates in the long run. 

Choose Us

At Harvard Media, we have a dedicated in-house videography team that has the skills and expertise to bring your vision to life. Once our videographers have perfected your video, our SEM (Search Engine Marketing) experts will use geo-mapping and branded keywords to ensure that your video garners the attention that it deserves. Our SEM team’s main goal is directing these videos from social media platforms or Google search onto your landing page in the most efficient way possible, increase website traffic and ROI for your business. Understanding metrics and how these videos perform will help the team develop strategies and new ideas to incorporate into your future advertising campaigns.

For more information on how we can help you get started, drop us an email at hello@harvardmedia.com

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