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Do you ever wonder how businesses get to the top of the search results page? It’s an ad! They pay to be there. These ads complement the hard work you do on your website and help online traffic flow to your site quickly. Additionally, display ads keep your brand top of mind as users browse the internet, much like driving by a billboard.

55% of people clicking on Google Ads prefer those to be text ads

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Let’s start at the beginning: What are Digital Ads?

Digital Ads are all the ads you see on the internet. Simple, yet so complex. Generally speaking, when you promote your business in the digital space, you’re reminding them about your products and services so that whether they’re ready to commit or just researching, you’re top of mind. Investing in the digital ad space will help your business turn leads into customers. Our job as marketers is to get those people to your website – reading about your products, business, submitting their information, or completing a transaction.

Text Ads

Paid text ads (SEM) in search results pages or “SERPs” as well as on Maps and throughout the internet in the Google Display Network (GDN). So that little “Ad” button when you use Google: SEM ✨

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According to our friends at HubSpot, it is estimated that there are 70,000 Google search queries per second. By the time you’ve read up to this sentence, there have been at least 210,000 Google searches! 🤯  In an average day, there are approximately 5.8 billion searches. You want your business to be found in a few of those right? (The answer is yes.)

Text ads can help promote your business at the right time with the right message for consumers actively looking for your products or services. Pretty simple. Text ads offer space for up to 3 headlines and 2 descriptions to outline your business, products, services, promotions, website – basically whatever you’re selling. When we create these ads, we select a landing page (where people will go when they click the ad) that is the most relevant to the ad. The higher the relevance, the cheaper the cost per click, the more people will engage with your website. If all that goes well, Google will continue to present your ad at the top of the search results. Yay! 🎉

Google has 92.42% of the search engine market share worldwide.


How Digital Ads Work: The Basics

Since Google has about 92% of the market share for search, it’s the place to be. Google Ads is the platform in which all search (text) ads, display ads, and video ads are created and distributed to the internet. Social Media platform giants like Facebook and Instagram also offer advertising platforms. These are the two we are going to focus on for this post.

Google Ads

Google Search Ads are displayed mostly on the Google domain, but also can show up in the Display network as simple ads that reflect the site or articles consumers are reading. Our writers create ad copy that engages and informs potential consumers to click your ad if it’s what they are searching for. We use keywords and bidding to help these ads appear at the top of relevant searches.

Google Display Ads are like digital billboards shown across the internet on Google Partner websites: websites that are paid by Google to display ads usually relevant to the content on the site. Advertisers can decide whether or not to use specific sites or genres based on the demographic we’re aiming for.

Video Ads are shown usually with other video content across the internet. They can be shown before a video you want to watch or pop up in the middle of a video; annoying, we know. But it still gets your message across like a short commercial on cable TV (remember when you couldn’t skip commercials??)

Social Media Ads

Facebook and Instagram Ads are unique because they have so many more options for content in comparison to display ads on the platforms. Facebook and Instagram allow static images or videos and they can be displayed in about a dozen places while browsing on social media including in your Feed, Marketplace, Stories, and while watching videos as just a few examples. Facebook and Instagram ads are similar in targeting users of the platform based on their interests (liked pages) or their information such as preferred gender, age, etc. Facebook has really evolved their advertising recently and targeting has become less specific in order to accommodate privacy concerns.




What We Do

Our team uploads and manages campaigns on these platforms with daily checks to ensure that the budget targets will be met with the results you are looking for, based on your campaign goals. We take the time to analyze results as they happen and optimize your campaigns to try to maintain the best results for you. We genuinely want your business to succeed online!

Why is Digital Advertising Important?

Reaching that local consumer that will actually find your business is evolving. Not everyone drives or even listens to local radio anymore. Almost everyone is on the internet. If they do see your billboard or ad on the radio, they are probably going to get home and search for your business online. Make sure your business is the one they find because if you’re not advertising your business, products, or services, someone else is!

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