USA Automotive 90 Day Guarantee

We know that seeing is believing. That is why we are offering you a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. If after 90 days you do not see the value that Harvard Media can bring to your dealership, we can agree to go our separate ways and we will refund you all agency costs incurred. (To a maximum of $7,500 dollars.) No questions asked.

Billing Structure

Like most agencies, there are two very distinct sections of our agency’s billing structure. The Agency Services section includes, but is not limited to, Marketing Strategy, Digital Advertising Strategy, Graphic Design, Website Services, and Videography. The other section of our billing structure is the media placement budget. These are the dollars that are allocated to the various advertising platforms that where we will mutually agree to place your dealership’s message upon. Those funds go directly to Google, Facebook, or whichever platform makes the most sense for your dealership without an additional mark up. (A commonality with other agencies) Therefore those funds are not eligible within the 90-day guarantee.

We offer you our knowledge, skills, and experience helping dealerships across North America and cannot wait to see how we can help your dealership.


Let our Accounts Team help you with any questions or concerns regarding our policy.