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Social media is part of our digital world. Your business should be part of it.

Do you remember that time when you were in the grocery store with your mom as a kid, and you went to reach for the chocolate milk and she nearly karate chopped the carton out of your hand as soon as your brain had a chance to relay the thought to your arm to reach for it followed by the dreaded words… “I know you want it, but we don’t need it.”? Now… take this example and apply the exact opposite approach when thinking about your business’s social media presence. YES. We’re saying, ‘fill your cart with all the chocolate milk your heart desires!”

Since Mark Zuckerberg opened the universally known big box of “The Facebook” (yeah seriously, that’s what it was first called after a brief time as “FaceMash”) in 2004, we guess we can say things have gotten pretty serious (Napoleon Dynamite anyone?) in the world of social media. We’ve seen countless platforms come and go, thrive and fall, and some have even proven to be an incredible asset now in the front pockets of businesses across the globe. So the question is, if you haven’t already started… why not?

According to a recent article from Sprout Social, there are a number of statistics that support why your business NEEDS to be on social media. From sheer potential accessibility to thousands of eyes in your own community, engaging and educating target markets about your products, services, and organizational identity. Social media is just plain fun, and if used properly and consistently, can really aid in achieving serious growth for your organization as well as boost staff morale and engagement in both your internal and external operations.

Social Media Usage Stats - Sprout

Social media isn’t going anywhere. As a society, we’re hooked on social, in a good way. With over 3.96 billion users across multiple platforms, it’s a great way to connect with family and friends or meet new people digitally from all around the world. People are spending more time online and there are so many opportunities to find your niche place in the world with people who have the same hobbies and interests. Your business can take advantage of this with content that draws your audience in and engages them with your products, services, or your people. 


Numbers and analytics are important to any organization when it comes to any major decision you make. However, the most important analytic to take into account when deciding on integrating a social media strategy is the FUN your company can have with it! Whether it’s classic photo posts highlighting your employees and culture to informative graphics or short form video content showcasing the value you offer to your clients and community through your products and services. 


There are an endless amount of avenues to explore, strategies you can implement, and ways to grow and expand the reach of your business. It just so happens that if you are unsure of where, how, and why to start, we have the team more than capable and ready to help you find and maximize your social media voice! 👊

Let’s get Social.