Pillars of the Force

Friends of the RCMP Heritage Centre • 2018-2019

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are an iconic part of Canadian history and have a history dating back to its formation in 1920. As Canada’s national police service, they have members present from coast to coast to coast. To celebrate the role of the force in Canada’s history, The RCMP Heritage Centre was opened in 2007 in Regina, SK which is also home to the RCMP Academy, Depot Division.

The “Pillars of the Force” project is a major, national legacy initiative dedicated to those who honourably respond to the call of duty, day in and day out, and to those who support those who do so serve. The project exists as both a physical display – utilizing the 21 soaring pillars of the RCMP Heritage Centre building – as well as a virtual story-telling platform through a dedicated website that makes accessing the stories and biographies of each record possible.

The Friends of the Mounted Police Heritage Centre is a non-profit organization committed to supporting the RCMP Heritage Centre through volunteer and monetary support. Over the past 20 years, the Friends have donated thousands of volunteer hours and more than $2,000,000 towards the upkeep of the former RCMP Centennial Museum and the current RCMP Heritage Centre.

Harvard Media partnered with the Friends of the Mounted Police Heritage Centre to provide donated services that would help develop a brand, material, and logistical resources and realize the Pillars of the Force project.


Printed Brochure

A key information piece that helps provide an introduction to the Pillars of the Force project, the brochure was one of the first pieces produced for the Friends of the Mounted Police Heritage Centre. Harvard Media worked closely with the client to make sure the information was accurate, followed strict guidelines and rules provided by the RCMP, and produced in both English and French. The brochure uses a reversed “Z” fold layout to create a logical flow, an intentional cover face, and to keep English and French content completely on one side of the printed page.


The central point of information for the Pillars of the Force project lives online at the Friends of the Mounted Police Heritage Centre website. As an already existing website, our objective was to create a landing page that left the rest of the site intact while providing an informative experience that matched the brand of the other work that was being created for the project. Because the existing website didn’t come with bilingual support, we created a duplicate version in French to fulfill the bilingual requirement of this project.

Graphic and Digital Resources

As part of the production of both the website and brochure, Harvard Media was also responsible for collecting original resources from the Pillars of the Force committee and the RCMP as well as arranging to have new photos taken that would be used for illustrating the project. The project included organizing photo shoots with staff in uniform, creating mockups of the proposed pillars, nameplates, the Princess Royal Walk, and the Virtual Pillars online gallery.

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