Merchandise Projects

Promotional materials branded your way.


The Complete Package

No campaign is complete without some swag. Tangible items and takeaways that help leave an impression and help complete an experience. Harvard Media works with a variety of suppliers to produce whatever your brand desires. 

Various Clients


Stick your brand on your audience’s phones with these handy holders. PopSockets became an instant must-have swag item in recent years and many of our clients give them away to customers at events and in-store.

Universal Collision Centre

Let’s find the solution for you

We could go on about all the different swag and promotional items we’ve made in the years, but this is about you and your brand.

Whether you’re looking for branded pens, nice shirts for your staff to show off where they work, or something a bit more, Harvard Media can help make your vision come true.

What can Harvard Media do for you?

We’re here to take your brand to the digital world.