Harvard Goes Digital

Harvard Broadcasting • 2017 – 2019

We’re proud to have Harvard Broadcasting as one of our major clients. We work closely with their three radio stations in Regina – My 92.1, The Wolf 104.9, and 620 CKRM – and continue to help build their presence online.

In 2017, our agency was tasked with taking three well-known local stations and creating a presence for them in the untapped online world. We conducted market research across Canada that revealed that not many other radio stations were thinking “digital” so it was a prime opportunity for Harvard Broadcasting to swoop in while everyone else wasn’t looking.

The approach was simple: focus on brand awareness campaigns on social media, create keyword campaigns to increase visitorship to their websites, and start putting the radio stations’ brand and visuals in front of their audiences in new, digital spaces.

The results of the campaign showed just how effective digital marketing could be and the ability to report real numbers (not just an “estimated number of views”) allowed our clients to see clear ROI results and make more informed decisions on their overall marketing plan.

Google Display Ads

Google’s Display Ad Network is like putting your brand on a billboard, except way better. By using Display Ads, we were able to deliver ads to relevant audiences, track impressions and clicks, and report back to our clients with data that wasn’t based on hypothetical statistics. Plus, since we manage Google Ads in-house, we’re able to schedule and make changes far faster than any traditional print media.

Facebook Page Covers & Ads

Making sure your Social Media matches your brand everywhere else is key. Keeping it fresh is a definite advantage to working in digital spaces. We made sure that all three Harvard stations had exciting, current graphics to display both on their Facebook Pages as well as part of their Facebook Ads. Much like Google Display Ads, ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram also provide relevant reports and can be created and changed when needed.

Snapchat Filters

As a host and sponsor of many local events, Harvard Broadcasting is interested in activating in as many unique ways as possible, and that includes digitally. Snapchat offers a unique way for brands to interact with their 210 million daily active users by allowing custom “filters” to be purchased and deployed over a physical location. By designing and scheduling filters for Harvard Broadcasting, our agency is able to put their brands’ messages in front of hundreds and thousands of people and enhance the way they interact with Harvard’s hosted and sponsored events. Plus, because it’s digital, we get usage reports to show just how many people used and saw the message.

Traditional Advertising

While we’re proud of our digital expertise, we understand that a great marketing campaign isn’t complete without a traditional counterpart. To ensure our clients’ message is consistent on and off-screen, we also help create the artwork for digital and print billboards, bus wraps, and cool swag like stickers and popsockets.

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