Harvard Media

Background & History

The client is a successful insurance agency that has been providing a wide range of insurance products to happy customers for over ten years. Located across Southern Saskatchewan, delivering safe, accessible and reliable protection is at the forefront of everything they do.


    Harvard Media initially sat down with the potential client in November of 2019 to discuss the possibilities of what we could accomplish. After signing on with the client in early January of 2021, various sectors of our team collaborated to execute a campaign launch on February 1st, 2021.


      When we started working with our client’s marketing team, it was clear that a pretty epic campaign was underway. The first goal of the campaign was to increase brand awareness, ensuring that their business was top of mind when customers sought out insurance: home, auto, business, life & benefits and more. 

      The second goal was to generate leads for their products and services. Thus, providing their marketing team with a list of emails to reach out to potential customers. 

      The third and last goal was to help their team with analytics and reporting, which would help to decrease the labour required for internal tracking. These insights would help us develop a new comprehensive marketing strategy for the following quarters. 


        After the campaign goals were in place, the team was ready to deliver a strategy overhaul. It was evident that a combination of digital and traditional advertising was the winning synergy. Tremendous success followed after launching several digital ads, new traditional billboards and print ads, radio spots, and performing SEO and website updates. Tailoring each ad’s creative design and messaging to target every unique customer segment across various advertising mediums assured that no audience segments were overlooked during the first 30 days of the campaign.

          Creative Component

          At the beginning of 2021, our client announced its partnership with a CFL team. This strategic partnership not only acknowledged the aligned values of both organizations but presented an opportunity to highlight the team’s beloved mascot. This mascot was at the forefront of this campaign as a valued customer of our client. As a result, he was featured prominently throughout all marketing endeavours. 


          After 30 Days

          During the first month of the campaign, the SEM team kept their fingers on the pulse of all live ads. Continuously monitoring and adjusting the ad spend is highly beneficial in providing effective digital campaign results. After 30 days, our SEM team extracted insights from the digital campaigns.


          Triumphant on Twitter

          The audience on Twitter was highly receptive to the ads, yielding an impressive 8.51% link click rate (5.18 times the industry benchmark).




          The new 2022 partnership campaign will switch gears, featuring the beloved mascot as the insurance agency’s new employee. With a lighthearted angle, we will recapture the essence of what it means to be a proud Saskatchewan resident while driving home their key messaging.