Influence car buyers at these four micro moments.

Understanding what your audience wants is essential to successfully marketing your auto-dealership. However, until very recently, auto-dealerships had little more than gut feelings to guide them when deciding how to market the cars, vans, and trucks on their lot. But, with the arrival of the internet that situation has changed significantly. Now, we can gain far greater insights into what aspects of digital marketing do and do not work to bring buyers onto your floor. How can you influence car buyers?

One recent study looked at the top ‘micro moments’ in which car buyers look for information about vehicles they plan to buy. If you can provide useful, fast, and mobile-friendly resources to answer your potential customers’ questions at all of these stages, you will dramatically increase your chances of being at the forefront of their mind when it comes to choosing where to buy.

1.    The ‘which car is best’ moment

65% of Canadian car buyers reportedly enter the market with no clear idea of which model they intend to buy. They usually carry out extensive research by using search engines and watching videos on YouTube. At this stage of the decision-making journey, auto-buyers will most likely visit the websites of manufacturers, and then read reviews on trusted review websites.

How to influence car buyers:

At this stage, you need to provide useful resources on your own website that can draw in potential customers. If you are a Ford dealership for instance, provide detailed comparison between the latest Ford truck and a competitor to bring visitors to your pages. You should also invest in advertising on search engines and on the websites of trusted reviews websites.

2.    The ‘is-it-right-for-me’ moment

This is the point in the buyer’s journey where they will ask themselves if the vehicles they’re interested in really fit their needs and lifestyle. They will be looking for guidance on everything from fuel efficiency to airbags and security.

How to influence car buyers:

It is important to answer all the questions potential buyers will have at this stage. We would recommend providing easy to use feature comparison guides of the vehicles you sell.

3.    The ‘can-I-afford-it’ moment

Now the potential buyer knows enough about the kinds of cars they want, and has maybe even written a ‘shortlist’, they will need to decide if they can really afford the vehicle.

How to influence car buyers:

At this stage, you want to provide clear content on your website describing your financial options—emphasize links you have with a reputable local bank, for instance. Provide clear and easy to use guides to help people work out what the vehicle will cost them. Explain how to pay off a loan, reasons to finance with you, and how to get the best financing rates.

4.    The ‘where-should-I-buy-it’ moment

This is one of the most important stages in the car-buying journey. Potential customers look to find where they can buy the car they want close to where they live.

How to influence car buyers:

This is almost certainly the step of the digital car-buying journey you must own above all others. So, pay enormous attention to getting this right. Your website must prominently display your location  as well as key information, including phone number, email address and opening hours. Encourage customers to write positive reviews of your business online, this can have a huge impact, too. Some pay-per-click advertising which is targeted for searches around your city will also help influence car buyers.

For further guidance on how you can deploy all of these digital marketing techniques to bring more foot traffic to your dealership, contact us today.