Artwork Approval Policy

Harvard Media’s Artwork Approval Policy exists to provide a clear understanding of the relationship between Harvard Media (the Agency) and you, our Clients. This policy sets out the expectations we have of all Clients when engaging in the artwork approval process.


Written approval on all artwork proofs is required for your order to proceed.

Harvard Media will produce finished works for you per the files, specifications, and instructions which you provide. While we will bring to your attention any errors or concerns that we notice, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR APPROVAL OF PROOFS, PROOFREADING, AND ERRORS. You are considered the expert of your industry and are responsible for understanding your local, provincial, and federal laws and advertising regulations that govern your business. Please be sure to double-check the spelling, grammar, the accuracy of pricing and disclaimers, layout, and design before sending us your confirmation of artwork approval.

Fee Structure


Clients are allowed up to 2 minor corrections before additional fees may become applicable. Minor corrections are considered: text-based corrections (without a layout or imagery change). Harvard Media reserves the right to charge for additional time spent on making corrections. This charge comes at your standard (per hour) rate. Errors made by Harvard Media will have no client cost associated with corrections.


Once Harvard Media receives approval from the client, we will continue to deliver on the final product of the job. With this approval, Harvard Media is not responsible for any omissions, errors, and/or changes as well as any expenses and/or penalties that may occur as a result related to reproducing/reprinting/redelivering the product.

Should the client require Harvard Media to make further edits, additions, corrections, and/or changes to an already approved job, a new estimate will be created and the client assumes full responsibility for the cost of production (setup charges, printing, materials, and like-expenses) and any design/artist fees for reproducing the work.


If Harvard Media produces work that has been approved and contains errors after production, you are responsible for full production costs (setup charges, printing, and materials), as well as the cost of reproducing the work if you request to do so.

Proofing Checklist

We’ve created this checklist to make sure your proofs are error-free and designed just the way you want. It’s important to take time and review all proofs carefully before sending your approval.

  • Has all the information I provided been presented in the final proof?
  • Are all the words/phrases typed correctly?
  • Check that all dates, names, street addresses, emails, website URLs, phone numbers, etc. are correct.
  • Have you checked the grammar and spelling? “Spell-checkers aren’t perfect and can’t catch every error.
  • Are all design elements present; exactly as they should be?
  • Have you had a second person proof the artwork, too?

We encourage you to collect all of your changes and make them together in one request. This allows our team to make many changes in a single revision. Remember, after 2 minor changes, your job will be subject to additional fees.

Rush Orders

Any work requested to be completed within 24 hours will be considered a rush order and is subject to a 100% markup. (Some exclusions apply) Rush orders will be accepted at the discretion of Harvard Media and a price will be determined at that time.


Harvard Media operates within the business hours of Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Central Standard Time – Saskatchewan). Rush orders that are placed on Friday will be completed by the following Monday. Rush orders placed before a statutory holiday will be completed by the following regular business day. Holidays in other countries may also impact our ability to complete jobs if they require 3rd party assistance or production.


Let our Accounts Team help you with any questions or concerns regarding our policy.