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Have you ever considered advertising on Spotify? Well, it’s never too late to join the hit app, read more on how it can benefit your business and grow your audience. 

Spotify is one of the world’s largest music streaming platforms that plays thousands of hits per day and helps pair listeners with local artists. All around, Spotify changes the music game with its large variety of music options. Spotify hosts over 104 million users daily which is only 44 percent of their monthly active users with these active users listening to 25 hours of content monthly. 

With stats like that, every business should consider advertising on Spotify. In case you need more reasons, we’ve listed some more below. 


Access To A Large Audience

As mentioned above, Spotify has a large number of active users daily and even monthly. But how many of these users are global? Spotify holds 36 percent of the global music market, with 248 million monthly active users. These users range in age and gender with 55 percent of overall users being Millennials and mainly male. Plus there is a fantastic opportunity to pinpoint your target audience in a new way. To match your radio ad demographics, you can target your Spotify ad to listeners of specific genres or artists!


Non-Paying Members Get Advertisements 

Spotify offers users two forms of different account types when using the platform – one paid and one free. For paid users, they are given the ability to skip ads, along with other perks. Those that have a free account, they have unskippable ads. Now we’re sure you’re wondering, how many users have free accounts? Well, we cannot give the exact number, but Spotify has 113 million premium subscribers. This number is relatively low considering the monthly users, which gives you a good chance of your ad being heard. 


Multitasking Is Allowed

Unlike other platforms such as YouTube, users can multitask while using the app or desktop version meaning they view other browsers or apps while listening to music. It allows users to scroll through other platforms such as Instagram, while still hearing their music and advertisements without it being paused. 

Spotify is a powerhouse within the world of music, changing how listeners can hear their favourite songs. It allows businesses to reach a large audience that can multitask while using the platform. Complement your radio advertising with Spotify to reach more listeners. If this all sounds like music to your ears, then contact us today!

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